Tuesday 18 July @Santanna Mykonos Beach Club Sunset Grooves start

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Αυτή την Τρίτη στο Santanna θα γίνει χαμός…

Η νέα άφιξη στο νησί των ανέμων μας περιμένει αυτή την Τρίτη σε ένα πάρτυ που θα αφήσει εποχή.

Funktion One Soundsystem. Mystic Blue is the new project created by an upcoming force in the European
nightlife «the Legends». This summer their vision is to create an unparallel dance experience with steady grooves and party mood, as the sun sets in the magical aegean sea and the lights of the luxury super pool of Santanna Beach Club slowly transcends the music in its Mystic Blue. The Party kicks off on Tuesday july18th with Italian Maestro Dj
extraordinaire Marco Faraone , the owner of Uncage records and upcoming rising star of Drumcode records.plus the prolific producer and dj, the legendary Radio Slave. The only word that can descibe this combination is quality, undisputedly !

Mystic Blue / Playground residents Viton & Jon Tsamis and David Saboy will make sure that the crowd will be in the right mood as their beats will create the path for an unforgettable party!

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